Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fridge Magnets

Interactive sentence builder but watch out for words thieves


You can play this game is in Spanish as well, sometimes it's more fun without the instructions but it doesn't matter. The graphics are so good and pace so fast anybody who opens this will struggle to to push the off button.


This is more an interactive art work than a game. Climb the slopes of Opniyama (yama means Japanese mountain) and discover the jokes of this vertical world.


This not a game merely a toy - a cool little toy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Help Pete find his way on this eerie world of the someone dark subconsious

Flock Together

Beautiful graphics, haunting soundtrack and cute little game.

Via Avanti

This is a suite of activities or games. It will take a while to explore all of them. Have fun, some of these are a spin.

Jackson Pollock

Create your own Jackson pollock simply by moving your mouse and clicking to change colours.

Mr PicassoHead

Create your own Picasso masterpiece. All you have to do is drag and drop - it will be worth millions.


This is not really a game but is such a cool tool I just had to include it to share it with as many people as possible. The images found with the colour combinations are spectacular. Well worth a look. Make sure you bookmark this tool.


Harmony by MrDoob is an online drawing program that is nice to use. Easy to save when your happy.


A very simple little game - but intriguing. I had to explore all of the environment just so I did not miss anything


A good little game that at first appears very simple but which gets more complex and you penetrate the layers.

EyeBalling Game

I forgot just how good this little game actually was. As with anything where you are playing against yourself, this is terribly addictive - especially for those of us who thought we where visually oriented people.


Not really sure what to make of this little toy - but it is hard to put down once you start.

Spin the Black Circle

 Frustrating, hard but addictive and well worth the time. Have a go and tell me what you think.

Friday, October 29, 2010

White Jigsaw

Don't get confused by the picture - try a white jigsaw. Really stimulate the brain with this little teaser.

Tangram Puzzles

Build your own Kaleidoscope


Click and draw your own snowflake and then watch the program rotate it in 2D or 3D. Simple but cool.


Move the rings, create a moving sparkling work, watch as it continues to change and grow.

Quest for the Rest

This is a fun little game intend as a promo for a band - nice work from the recording company. I like this.


Simple graphics but effective strategies needed to get to higher levels. Trial and error learning required.


This is the best art drawing game I have ever found. I absolutely love this!!  zeFrank is a genius.
Go beserk!

String Spin

Click to draw a line and then watch it become a 3D object. zeFrank has some very clever and cool toys.

Crimson Room

Classic one click game where you must find the clues to be able to leave the room. More fun thinking strategies. Which clue goes with what item. Good luck but don't stay too long.

The Little Wheel

They have been asleep for 10, 000 years, can you help to wake them up.


Another of the series with Samorost. Work out to make this game play. If you do you're better them me. I had to get help


Great maze game


This game is one of a series. This series is one of my favourite. Can you work it out. I struggled the first three times.


Can you balance the levers to get everything equal.


Collect the black squares, avoid the red ones - how much can you score before you lose concentration.


Change the colour of the first one to get rid of the coloured globs

Maze Frenzy

Get your dot through the moving changing maze. Looks easier than it actually is.

World of Qwert

Type in anything and watch the letters play.


Multi-user flash based games where you can use the letters to make words phases or messages. Cool toy

Rotate 2

Rotate the piece until you complete the shape - time is important

Rotate 3D

Click and drag around the central pivot and watch the bubbles rotate around the line. Add enough and make the bubbles into an object


Type in a word, any word and then watch it being reproduced using only icons sourced from the net.

Zig Zag Philosophy

Like sand art but better. Check out the retro designs you can make using this cool little tool. Move your mouse around and watch your colours and direction of your lines change.

Hands Symphony

Lets make a little beat for a homemade rap. Select the right combnation of hands to make a beat that is right for you. I love this little game. Their is an amazing number of combinations. Enjoy!!


Have a play with this great little toy - lots of spidery fun. Click and Drag to your hearts content


I great art application. Create a canvas full of colour using the different brushes and tools. This is hard to stop once you start. If you make a masterpiece save it to you computer. Lots of fun!

Feed the Head

Feed the Head is a web-based game with no instructions, no manual to read and no logical sequence that appears to unfold. See how quickly you can learn what creates a reaction, what series of actions create a sequence and in what order things have to be done in order to complete the task.