Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Images

This one is not so much a game as a site full of about 20 funky interactive tools - to play with and create images with. Lots of fun and some really cool effects.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is Sand

Your cursor is the sand. Press C to change colours, to build up your image. Build a whole scene using dropping coloured sand. I know this looks simple but it is heaps of fun.


Here's a place to point and paint. Georges Seurat invented the technique known as Pointilism, which uses tiny dots instead of broad strokes to put the paint on the canvas. The individual dots of red, yellow and blue are sucked in through your eyes and mixed up in your head to create a variety of shimmering shades.

The Graffiti Creator

This really is more of an art application than a game. You can see your name or any words for that matter in a variety of graffiti styles. Once you have chosen a style you can then customise it with your own colour scheme, variations galore. No two pieces will look the same. Great effects.


This is a great little game to illustrate how the tessellation process works. Click on the shape and drag  the corners or edges to create a new shape before you hit the Tessellate button. Heaps of fun!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Face

You have seen the police construct composite photokits for suspects, now do it yourself. This is lots of fun especially when you are attempting to create a likeness of someone that you actually know. Even harder still, make one of yourself, I dare you. I bet you can't make one you are happy with.


Paint kaleidoscope image on your computer. This is simply but very addictive. Have fun!


Mutapic is an online picture generator. It is a free tool you can use to rapidly create original art. Simply pick an image to start with and click on the green button to start. Great for developing logos or images based on symbols.


A great musical adventure of discovery and learning. Move, direct and change the musical tones, learning what work and what doesn't to make a tune.

Samorost 1

Work out how to change the direction of the Spaceship before it is too late. The first of the games that I came across with no instructions. The first and in many ways one of the better intuitive games. I love the graphic on these - half computer generated, half photographic.